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My collection: necklaces

Here are a few of my fave necklaces. They all happen to be vintage, though I’m not sure on the origin of them. They also happen to be gold. I used to prefer silver, though now I’m attracted more to gold.

Blue stone – My mom gave this to me last year at Christmas. She found it some time again at a second-hand shop.

Round locket – I had been looking for a locket for the longest time. I found this one after taking and passing my state board test.

Floral heart – Another piece courtesy of my mom. It might be mother of pearl? Whatever it is, I think it’s adorable.

Next up from my collection? Some rings!


My collection: brooches

My apologies for the delay of this post. I’m later with it than promised. In planning to blog about my jewelry, I also had the chance to clean and organize my collection.

First, a few of my favorite brooches.

Smoky quartz – One of the many pieces I’ve sorta taken from my mom. You can see some of the  small stones have fallen out, probably due to me playing with it since childhood.

Cameo – The prettiest cameo I have. It was my grandma’s.

Floral mosaic – My mom recently gave me this one. I’m looking forward to wearing it for the first time.

I’ll have more pieces to showcase in the coming days.

Do you have a collection?

Jewelry style

I love jewelry. Though it may not always be evident, since I often forget to wear it, but my jewelry box is overflowing. Soon, I’ll take some blog-worthy photos of my pieces, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few pieces I wish were in my collection.


I love the detail on this enamel and sterling silver locket. And the colors. And the fact that it’s a locket. Because you know, it’s fun to have jewelry with hinges.


These vintage rings are beautiful, yet seemingly impractical. They look fragile, so I’d fear they’d break. Therefore, I’d like one in each color please.


OK, at first glance, these might be a bit too old lady chic, even for me. But I still want to wear them. With a belted cardigan, my hair up and maybe a beret.

Check back next week for photos of pieces I actually do own,  some wedding beauty inspiration and more!

Hair pieces, vintage and whimsy

I loooove hair pieces! While working at weddings, I see plenty of traditional-like veils,  but honestly, I wish I saw more brides and their maids sporting some form of these fun accessories!

This whimsical crown looks like it was crafted in your backyard on a summer day. Maybe you were just picking some flowers? And decided to make a crown while you were at it. I love what it evokes!

I love the crown on the left, and though I’m not sure about the birds on the right, the right bride could rock it.

One of, if not the cutest bow headbands ever! The color and texture of the hair? Equally as fabulous.

A totally effortless style. Simply adorable!

And finally, this headband. This is major bridal inspiration for me. Gorgeous!

The perfect blend of whimsy and classic beauty.

Which one’s your favorite?

Nest Diaper Bags shoot

Earlier this summer, I worked with an awesome team on a shoot for Nest Diaper Bags. Here are some behind the scenes shots I took during the day.

Erin Skipley applying makeup, hair by me!

The photo shoot took place at the Historic Flight Foundation in Mukilteo.  The setting made for some sweeping backdrops.

Melissa O'Hearn taking photos.

Working with the ever-changing lighting outdoors.

These planes were a sight to see!

Go to Nest’s blog for more behind the scenes. And then go check out photographer Melissa O’Hearn’s site!