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My collection: necklaces

Here are a few of my fave necklaces. They all happen to be vintage, though I’m not sure on the origin of them. They also happen to be gold. I used to prefer silver, though now I’m attracted more to gold.

Blue stone – My mom gave this to me last year at Christmas. She found it some time again at a second-hand shop.

Round locket – I had been looking for a locket for the longest time. I found this one after taking and passing my state board test.

Floral heart – Another piece courtesy of my mom. It might be mother of pearl? Whatever it is, I think it’s adorable.

Next up from my collection? Some rings!


My collection: brooches

My apologies for the delay of this post. I’m later with it than promised. In planning to blog about my jewelry, I also had the chance to clean and organize my collection.

First, a few of my favorite brooches.

Smoky quartz – One of the many pieces I’ve sorta taken from my mom. You can see some of theĀ  small stones have fallen out, probably due to me playing with it since childhood.

Cameo – The prettiest cameo I have. It was my grandma’s.

Floral mosaic – My mom recently gave me this one. I’m looking forward to wearing it for the first time.

I’ll have more pieces to showcase in the coming days.

Do you have a collection?

Totally slacking

That sums up my blogging status. But not for long, I have a plan.

Expect some changes. Expect some revamping. Most importantly, expect more consistent blogging!

For now, though, I’ll leave you with this picture taken at the dahlia garden in Golden Gate Park on our recent trip to SF. Because is makes me happy.

So much to be done…

I’ve been a bad blogger.

The truth is, I’ve been working like a mad woman, plus getting a lot done around the house. And getting out to enjoy the nice weather when I can (and when we get it). And planning mini vacations…

Photo by me.

In two weeks, Terry and I will leave for a long weekend in San Francisco. I’m so grateful we can go!

Beside not-so-patiently awaiting our trip, swirling in my head are the many things I can and will do to improve and streamline my business. The wheels are indeed turning.

Oh and do I need a catchy name for my services?

Oh, SF, I cannot wait to see you.

Don’t I know that dress from somewhere?

How great is it to choose your own dress when asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend? At first, the thoughts are positive; I can choose my own style! I can be comfortable! I control how much I spend! Reality is more complicated, however. The style options are endless, the color option limited, and even a shopping marathon can prove fruitless if you don’t get lucky.

My dear friend Amy had just this task recently for a friends August wedding. She ordered a dress online, which she quickly vetoed upon it’s arrival. So off we went to continue the search, this time in person. I’m not a big online shopper and, especially for such an important piece, I feel like you really need to see and touch to get a feel…not to mention try it on for proper fit.

After no luck at Nordstrom, and only minimal success at Macy’s, Amy and I popped into J. Crew. Good thing we did.

This dress isn’t part of their wedding line, but it was a perfect choice. Flattering fit, comfortable, clean and crisp, plus pockets! And completely affordable! I wished I had a legitimate reason to buy it myself. Amy purchase it in lavender to fit her friend’s wedding palette.

A mere few days later, while doing hair and makeup for Laina’s wedding party, the jcrew dress reappeared. This time, in navy. With homemade belts courtesy of Laina’s mom. So special!

I cannot wait to see the pro pics from this wedding. I’m officially stalking the photographer’s blog.


Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. Here, you can check out stories and photos of the work I do, as well as find more information about me and my background. So here is my story, so far.

As a child, I loved when my mom would cut my hair. I would beg her for a trim, new bangs, or a complete chop. As I grew, I took control, resulting in crooked bangs and uneven layers. After awhile, though, I got the hang of it and by high school, friends were asking me to cut and color their hair.

Deciding to go to cosmetology school was a decision that came later, after many college classes and various jobs. I always enjoyed working several jobs at once, not the typical 9 to 5 grind, so beauty school was a challenge. And the idea of working in a salon was also difficult to wrap my head around. However, the stability was appealing and I was doing something I loved!

A late-night session with my doll head.

After 6 months as a salon stylist, I followed my path to become a freelance stylist. I utilized my networking skills, contacting Erin Skipley for advice on how to get started. I met Erin when she did the gorgeous hair and makeup at my friends wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid.

Me and Emory. Hair and makeup by Bellatrix Studio, photo by La Vie Photography

Erin is so lovely, and I was thrilled when she gave me the opportunity to assist her. Check out her blog for great beauty inspiration!

For more info about my experience and training, please click the “about Jessica” tab above.