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Laina & Raymond’s Wedding

The details of Laina and Raymond’s wedding just warm my heart. Remember that dress I recognized? Well, this is that wedding. I’ve been waiting impatiently for these photos from GH Kim Photography. And my goodness, it has been worth the wait! The bridal party got ready for the day at the WAC, which is where I and the other Bellatrix gals met them for hair and makeup. Talk about a beautiful bridal party! I’ve already gushed about the bridesmaid dresses, and Laina’s gown was stunning! Laina’s mom made adorable belts for the bridesmaids which, along with countless other sweet touches, created a truly personal event! And the Sodo Park reception? Simply gorgeous. Check out GH Kim’s blog for more amazing photos!


Short hair brides

While I continue to fight with my camera, which refuses to transfer is content onto my PC, I’ll share some hair inspiration I came across today. Because we all need inspiration. And I’m looking for it. So today, short hair brides.


Perhaps I should have saved this image for last, as it’s my absolute favorite. Her cut is perfect. Plus the crochet headband, simple stud earrings, soft makeup. Oh, and the flowers! So much about this picture is perfect to me.


I love the texture of this brides hair. And her hair flower is just the right size! You don’t want your hair flower to take over your head. She has it mastered.


I first saw John and Katie’s wedding on Once Wed this morning. Then I headed to Katie’s blog to see what she’s all about. And now, her blog is added to my must-check-every-day blog list! Go see more of her glorious wedding photos by Cooper Carras over here and here.

See, there’s no reason to be caught in the “I need to grow my hair out for my wedding” idea. So not necessary.

Hair pieces, vintage and whimsy

I loooove hair pieces! While working at weddings, I see plenty of traditional-like veils,  but honestly, I wish I saw more brides and their maids sporting some form of these fun accessories!

This whimsical crown looks like it was crafted in your backyard on a summer day. Maybe you were just picking some flowers? And decided to make a crown while you were at it. I love what it evokes!

I love the crown on the left, and though I’m not sure about the birds on the right, the right bride could rock it.

One of, if not the cutest bow headbands ever! The color and texture of the hair? Equally as fabulous.

A totally effortless style. Simply adorable!

And finally, this headband. This is major bridal inspiration for me. Gorgeous!

The perfect blend of whimsy and classic beauty.

Which one’s your favorite?

Pretty at Nordstrom

In May, I assisted the lovely Erin Skipley as she readied Molly Ringwald for an appearance at the Bellevue Nordstrom. Molly was a true delight! While Molly’s husband dressed their 6 year old daughter Mathilda, Erin and I helped Molly get pretty. Which brings us to the reason for her visit, promoting her new book, Getting the Pretty Back.

As Molly spoke of her book, her passion was clear! And once I finish the 4+ books I’m in the middle of reading, I’d like to start hers!

Molly appearing at Nordstrom. Photo from

Nest Diaper Bags shoot

Earlier this summer, I worked with an awesome team on a shoot for Nest Diaper Bags. Here are some behind the scenes shots I took during the day.

Erin Skipley applying makeup, hair by me!

The photo shoot took place at the Historic Flight Foundation in Mukilteo.  The setting made for some sweeping backdrops.

Melissa O'Hearn taking photos.

Working with the ever-changing lighting outdoors.

These planes were a sight to see!

Go to Nest’s blog for more behind the scenes. And then go check out photographer Melissa O’Hearn’s site!

Isn’t it almost summer?

Normally, I can’t wait for fall. I live in layers, scarves and hats. I love eating warm food and drinking hot cider. When I’m cold, I can always get warmer, always put on a sweater. But summer requires loads of sunblock and I’m often too sticky and uncomfortable to enjoy the season! But given the non-spring we’ve had in the PNW, I’m longing for summer like never before. Yearning for it, even.

This past Saturday, we got a much deserved break from the rain. It finally felt like spring and my heart was happy!

Spring from the passenger seat.

Erin Skipley and I headed out to Alderbrook for a wedding, where the bride and groom’s dog wore a bow tie and the bridesmaids wore the most adorable dresses and statement necklaces.

This group was so relaxed, which I’m always grateful for 🙂

Sarah & Jared’s Wedding

Last summer, Sarah contacted me about doing her hair for her August 2009 wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club, and of course I jumped at the chance! We met for a consultation to discuss her vision and try out some styles. Sarah was so warm and friendly, and she came well prepared with inspiration photos. I created a romantic look for her, with clean lines in the front and loads of texture in the back.


Sarah was a dream bride to work with, remaining calm and collected despite the wedding day craziness. All photos by Sarah Rhoads Photographers and there are many more here and here!


Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. Here, you can check out stories and photos of the work I do, as well as find more information about me and my background. So here is my story, so far.

As a child, I loved when my mom would cut my hair. I would beg her for a trim, new bangs, or a complete chop. As I grew, I took control, resulting in crooked bangs and uneven layers. After awhile, though, I got the hang of it and by high school, friends were asking me to cut and color their hair.

Deciding to go to cosmetology school was a decision that came later, after many college classes and various jobs. I always enjoyed working several jobs at once, not the typical 9 to 5 grind, so beauty school was a challenge. And the idea of working in a salon was also difficult to wrap my head around. However, the stability was appealing and I was doing something I loved!

A late-night session with my doll head.

After 6 months as a salon stylist, I followed my path to become a freelance stylist. I utilized my networking skills, contacting Erin Skipley for advice on how to get started. I met Erin when she did the gorgeous hair and makeup at my friends wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid.

Me and Emory. Hair and makeup by Bellatrix Studio, photo by La Vie Photography

Erin is so lovely, and I was thrilled when she gave me the opportunity to assist her. Check out her blog for great beauty inspiration!

For more info about my experience and training, please click the “about Jessica” tab above.