Short hair brides

by jessicahelton

While I continue to fight with my camera, which refuses to transfer is content onto my PC, I’ll share some hair inspiration I came across today. Because we all need inspiration. And I’m looking for it. So today, short hair brides.


Perhaps I should have saved this image for last, as it’s my absolute favorite. Her cut is perfect. Plus the crochet headband, simple stud earrings, soft makeup. Oh, and the flowers! So much about this picture is perfect to me.


I love the texture of this brides hair. And her hair flower is just the right size! You don’t want your hair flower to take over your head. She has it mastered.


I first saw John and Katie’s wedding on Once Wed this morning. Then I headed to Katie’s blog to see what she’s all about. And now, her blog is added to my must-check-every-day blog list! Go see more of her glorious wedding photos by Cooper Carras over here and here.

See, there’s no reason to be caught in the “I need to grow my hair out for my wedding” idea. So not necessary.