Jewelry style

by jessicahelton

I love jewelry. Though it may not always be evident, since I often forget to wear it, but my jewelry box is overflowing. Soon, I’ll take some blog-worthy photos of my pieces, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few pieces I wish were in my collection.


I love the detail on this enamel and sterling silver locket. And the colors. And the fact that it’s a locket. Because you know, it’s fun to have jewelry with hinges.


These vintage rings are beautiful, yet seemingly impractical. They look fragile, so I’d fear they’d break. Therefore, I’d like one in each color please.


OK, at first glance, these might be a bit too old lady chic, even for me. But I still want to wear them. With a belted cardigan, my hair up and maybe a beret.

Check back next week for photos of pieces I actually do own,  some wedding beauty inspiration and more!