Isn’t it almost summer?

by jessicahelton

Normally, I can’t wait for fall. I live in layers, scarves and hats. I love eating warm food and drinking hot cider. When I’m cold, I can always get warmer, always put on a sweater. But summer requires loads of sunblock and I’m often too sticky and uncomfortable to enjoy the season! But given the non-spring we’ve had in the PNW, I’m longing for summer like never before. Yearning for it, even.

This past Saturday, we got a much deserved break from the rain. It finally felt like spring and my heart was happy!

Spring from the passenger seat.

Erin Skipley and I headed out to Alderbrook for a wedding, where the bride and groom’s dog wore a bow tie and the bridesmaids wore the most adorable dresses and statement necklaces.

This group was so relaxed, which I’m always grateful for 🙂