Don’t I know that dress from somewhere?

by jessicahelton

How great is it to choose your own dress when asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend? At first, the thoughts are positive; I can choose my own style! I can be comfortable! I control how much I spend! Reality is more complicated, however. The style options are endless, the color option limited, and even a shopping marathon can prove fruitless if you don’t get lucky.

My dear friend Amy had just this task recently for a friends August wedding. She ordered a dress online, which she quickly vetoed upon it’s arrival. So off we went to continue the search, this time in person. I’m not a big online shopper and, especially for such an important piece, I feel like you really need to see and touch to get a feel…not to mention try it on for proper fit.

After no luck at Nordstrom, and only minimal success at Macy’s, Amy and I popped into J. Crew. Good thing we did.

This dress isn’t part of their wedding line, but it was a perfect choice. Flattering fit, comfortable, clean and crisp, plus pockets! And completely affordable! I wished I had a legitimate reason to buy it myself. Amy purchase it in lavender to fit her friend’s wedding palette.

A mere few days later, while doing hair and makeup for Laina’s wedding party, the jcrew dress reappeared. This time, in navy. With homemade belts courtesy of Laina’s mom. So special!

I cannot wait to see the pro pics from this wedding. I’m officially stalking the photographer’s blog.